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Moshi Monsters started in the UK, where Mind Candy is based, but now the U.S. is its biggest market. It makes money off of subscriptions ($50 a year to unlock different levels and get extra powers), but there are also toys and today it even launched a magazine for kids, (print’s not dead!). Smith wants to create a mini media empire from the little monsters, with plans to develop video games, TV shows, books, and iPhone/iPad apps.

CEO Michael Acton Smith came to my office today to tell me about , his company’s virtual world for kids that is signing up a new member every second. Moshi Monsters was his “last roll of the dice” to save his virtual worlds startup in 2008, and it worked. Moshi Monsters is up to 35 million registered users, with about 7 million of those active every month, says Smith. And it is projected to generate this year from a combination of subscriptions and gross retail .

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Title: Moshi Monsters: The Movie (2013)

In the U.K., around half of all 6- to 11-year-olds have joined a social-networking site called Moshi Monsters. Owned by London’s Mind Candy, it’s a virtual world where kids can nurture their monsters—avatars that look like Care Bears—by decorating their virtual rooms with furniture, paintings, and notes. The characters have spilled out into newsstands and toy stores. The bestselling magazine for children in Britain is, of course, Moshi Monsters Magazine, and the only toy brand that outsells Moshi stuffed animals is Lego. Moshi’s biggest market, however, is now the U.S., where more than one quarter of its 50 million members live. Mind Candy’s founder, Michael Acton Smith, says more than half a billion messages have been sent between users since the site launched in April 2008.

HOWEVER... my youngest daughter loves the game because of the Moshi Monster license. She likes scrolling (VERY SLOWLY) through the screens to tap the gems and try different items on the Moshlings. For children not into faster paced games, and enjoy cutesy critter collecting, this might be the title for them... but speaking as a gamer, it is not an engaging game. My older daughter played it for a few minutes and declared it to be "really super boring", so each to their own."}">