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Nerf N-Strike 3-in-1 Unity Power System


Nerf Unity Power System Photo by SgNerf | Photobucket

The Nerf Unity Power system is awe-inspiring. I have heard (Truthful) stories, and optimized (Modded) Titan blowing darts over 30m (100ft for you Imperial guys)! Combine the Titan, with the Hornet, AND the Scout, you have an utterly awesome (Albiet impossible to move around inside) blaster.

The entire set of blasters connect easily together to form the unity power system. This system is easily one of the coolest collaborations of Nerf guns working together to kick butt on the nerf battlefield. While you may have hard time sneaking this beast into the office, dorm, or anywhere you are planning a surprise attack, the Nerf unity system is still one awesome set you definitely want to own.

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