A new Furby was released in the fall of 2012

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New Furby 2012 - Overview - YouTube

That’s right my friends. There’s a new Furby coming to the market. This one is cheaper, and therefore more accessible. At $23, it fits is nicely to most people’s gifting budgets, which means that your childless older brother who wants to torture you with super obnoxious toys is sure to buy it for your child’s next birthday. (Either that or a drum set.)

So enter the new 2012 Furby, complete with a fresh makeover and packed with new technology. The new Furby’s are said to be more “huggable” with softer fur and redesigned ears and facial features. The new Furby is also slightly larger than the previous generation. It kind of looks like Yoda after eating too much.

Official Hasbro intro video for the new Furby 2012 Edition

  • New Furby Color Orange/Blue
  • New Furby Hacking : Part 1 : Skinning

    Some new Furbies are available to order. I call them mixed colors as they have different colors. Looks like no more funky names were given for these Furbies. The new mixed colors are , , , , , and !

    Furby Boom Teal is the new Furby in the original Teal color we came to love when Furby was recreated in 2012. Furby Boom has a new design and enhanced APP features including creating your own Furblings!