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Welcome to a new installment of Nintendojo Toy Box, dear readers! When Pokémon arrived in 1998 and became a massive hit, toy and nicknack manufacturers responded with a maelstrom of Pokémon-themed items. It’s not all that different today, but at the time, the various Pokémon novelties were a real treat. The Pokémon Trading Card Game was probably the biggest offshoot of the video game and anime, but there were a number of other goods bearing a variety of Pocket Monsters that became popular, including shampoos, cereal (made by Kelloggs), clothing, and candy, just to name a very few.

A somewhat special edition of Nintendojo Toy Box has arrived, as this time around we will be covering the Video Game Superstars Mario Kart 64 series of figures! These toys are amongst the coolest Nintendo memorabilia ever made. There are a total of seven that I know of: the six pictured here, and a seventh, which is a variation of the Mario racer with a clear body and a Boo in tow (I always assumed it was the “ghost” version of Mario).

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