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2012 Furby NORMAL (out of the box) personality!!

Como faço para o meu furby falar o meu nome???????
É normal o furby fazer barulho quando se mexe??????
O furby pode vomitar????????????????
O furby pode ficar muito tempo dormindo???????????????
Ai, estou cheia de perguntas!!!!!!!!!!!

would tell the story of a furby, called Furby, who looks like a normal furby but is actually the chosen furby here to lead the other furbies to their promised land of Furbyland. In this biblical parable, Russell Crowe would star as the one person on the planet who can understand the furby language of furbish and who builds an arc to transport the furbies to Furbyland, and also defend them from the hordes of angry parents whose young daughters are crying because their furbies have risen up and broken the shackles of toy slavery.

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  • ~ Marie ~

    Vamos lá n___n

    – O Furby não tem capacidade de aprender palavras que não estejam definidas no programa dele, como se fosse um papagaio. Ou seja, ele nunca vai aprender a falar seu nome nem o dele, sorry😦

    – É normal o Furby fazer vários barulhos quando se meche, são as peçinhas internas dele se movimentando.

    – O Furby pode vomitar se alimentado em excesso ou se você manter o dedo na boquinha dele por muito tempo.

    – O Furby dorme bastante e pode permanecer muito tempo dormindo. Ele só irá despertar quando você acorda-lo e se o sono for profundo você precisará chacoalha-lo para isso!


  • How To Make Your Furby Nice Again - Instructables

    The legal team behind the Furby said by from its previous owner was just evidence that it was a normal Furby and it should have its case heard in the UK.

    This app is great for the older Furbies, this is NOT the app for Furby Booms. If you search Furby in the App Store, this app will come up and so will another app, the Furby Boom App.

    I have a normal Furby and this app works great! You can "feed" your Furbies, get a translation of what yours is saying, make your Furby pretend to go to sleep, make a video that includes the Furby doing odd actions that you can control. But you can also read the Furbish dictionary, change the Furby's voice, and play a fake boo box for them that gets them happy to sing and dance. The very last function that I will mention is that you can change the theme, which is pretty much just the game theme, like fall, Christmas, etc.

    I definitely recommend this app for playing with your Furbies.