Octopus Car wash spinning octopus on Park Street in Madison WI.

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Octo Car Wash & Valet Centre (Stellenbosch, South Africa)

Disclaimer: Octopus Car Washes are privately held businesses with locations across the country. Our locations are managed by region. The information on this site only covers the Tucson, Arizona Operation.

Always a great experience when I go to Octopus Car Wash. Kyle is the General Manager - he's honest and cares greatly about the care of your car. I highly suggest scheduling a detailing or stopping by for a quick wash!

Octo Car Wash & Valet Centre is located in Stellenbosch, South Africa

There are about 23 Octopus Car Wash locations in six states: Arizona (4), Colorado (3), Illinois (2), Florida (2), New Mexico (8), and Wisconsin (4). The spinning octopus mascot is named "Ozzie". In 2015, the Madison locations were sold to the Mister Car Wash chain based in Tucson, AZ. The same company bought the Albuquerque locations in 2014. The Madison octopus statues have been removed. I don't know if the Milwaukee location was also part of the deal or how the sale will impact the any of the other locations and statues.

The University Ave. sign shown in the top row above had flags on the poles when the first photo as taken in 2006. The other photos of that location are from 2011. The front arm of the Park St. octopus curled back towards its body unlike the others which extend and hold a vacuum.

In 2015, it was announced that the E. Washington Ave. location's statue would be relocated somewhere else in town.

[Milwaukee map]

Octopus Express Car Wash - Tucson - Groupon

A clean vehicle sends positive messages to ticket suppliers, mocking ‘wash me’ car scribblers and that person whose pool you just drove into. Make a clean break with a full valet service from Octo Car Wash. Battling malicious pigeons and rebellious taco droppings can frustrate vehicle owners, Groupies resolve issues with a full valet service to ensure the war is won. The superb service includes an engine cleaning, a seat and carpet clean, an in and out wash and a polish to ensure a car that drives with pride. More about Octo Car Wash Octo Car Wash’s skilled staffers eradicate grime and muggies to transform tarnished cars, offroaders and stationwagons into factoryfresh autos once more. Providing a spectacular tuneup that can be compared to Alfred’s service to Master Wayne, Octo Car Wash rejuvenates cars or Bat mobiles to safeguard street cred.

My family has taken advantage of the services provided by the Octopus Car Wash over several generations. You will be impressed by the efficiency and customer service at the Octopus Car Wash. The "Diamond Wash" is well-worth $20.00 and the additional, deep-cleaning $2.00 Mats Wash or $3.00 Mats Steam Clean will leave you wondering if you're in the same vehicle! Wear sunglasses because your vehicle is going to shine brighter than the Sun after visiting the Octopus Car Wash!