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Online Wish List for Keepsake Ornaments

Take a look through the four options in the slideshow above. Let us know in the comments below what features and functionality you'd find useful in an online wish list service.

In between breaks from studying economics and the change in season (and by that I mean earlier sunset, the heat is still fiercely real) I have managed to compile myself an online wish list with items that are getting me excited for winter. That sounds crazy coming from a self-proclaimed summer-holic (I could totally be one of those people follow summer around the globe). Here are some fabulous pieces getting me inspired for winter.

Nerdy goggles | Online Wish List | Pinterest

World of Darkness Online Wish List ~SaligiaCast~

Giftster is a free universal family online wish list sharing service. At Giftster you can create groups (family or otherwise) with whom you want to share your wish lists. Wish lists can also be made public and searchable by other Giftster users–this feature is great for wedding registries and baby registries, teachers’ classroom needs, etc.

A modern approach would be to use a online wish list tool instead. One that lets you describe your wishes and stores them safely and then show it to those you want to. And lets the buyers collaborate by reserving items and comment them. But not spoiling the surprise by showing their collaboration to you. You should be able to invite people the way you want, be it via email, Twitter, Facebook or perhaps your blog.