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So maybe the Organization Kids aren’t taking over Washington DC after all. Maybe, in fact, there are just lots of different kinds of people in the world, and Kagan is one kind while Berwick is another. And maybe that’s OK.

Organizational skills are crucial for academic success. Organization helps kids to prepare for long-term projects and allows them to effectively think through sentence construction in order to properly express an idea. Thinking in an organized manner is an essential skill for a variety of science and mathematical concepts, and plays a role across all academic subjects by aiding in a student’s capacity to find, complete, and turn in assignments.

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  • Organization helps kids to sort out and understand the information in word problems.

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While that’s doubtless right in a macro sense, it strikes me as highly probable that “Organization Kids” are much more highly represented in elite Washington than in society as a whole. Aside from nepotism, the way to get ahead in this town is to go to the right schools, punch the right tickets, and not piss too many people off. (Unless you’re trying to make it as a political commentator, in which case the last can be safely disregarded.)