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The purpose of the puzzle is to guide the ball bearing along the tracks moving from each 'checkpoint' from 1-100 in sequence by rotating the sphere. The original Superplexus had both sound and a timer mechanism to allow you to compete for the fastest time, however in the current version, the electronics which were rather loud an obnoxious, have been removed in favour of a simpler quieter version, where the only sound is the ball falling off the maze, and bouncing on the bottom of the perspex shell, which will happen frequently. There's even a small stand supplied with the puzzle to stop it rolling away when you eventually put it down.

Have you seen the new maze game from PlaSmart? I have a feeling that this going to be BIG this holiday season. This fun toy requires critical thinking, fine motor skills and NO batteries! Great for kids ages 6 and up. I was SO excited with the folks at Plasmart agreed to send me the original Perplexus. My kids were immediately intruiged when they saw this colorful orb. In fact, I had to set up a timer and organize a line so that all 3 of my kids got equal time playing. They had a blast with this thing! There is a small metal ball that must be maneuvered through the maze in the ball. You are guided by small numbers on the track. The concept is easy, the game is challenging! I love that you can play this game as a single player or make it into a multi player game.

perplexus original perplexus is a maze game where players maneuver

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    The Original Perplexus 3D Brain Teaser Puzzle Ball Labyrinth Globe Game Toy in very good condition.
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    This palm-sized puzzle is an exact replica of the original Perplexus puzzle. Twist and turn the tiny globe to guide a teentsy-weentsy ball along a challenging track from start to finish.

    Just like the original Perplexus, you’ll need logic and reasoning skills to envision the path as you cross 100 different challenges. If you fall off the edge of the track, you’ll have to start all over!

    With the World’s Smallest Perplexus, you’ll need a double helping of dexterity and patience to win, since the puzzle’s ball is smaller than a BB!

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