How does the Osmo Game for iPad work?

Osmo Genius Kit


The Osmo Game for iPad is Great for Your Kids

Any iPad except the original fits in the stand vertically and works with Osmo: iPad 2, 3, 4, Air, Mini, or Retina Mini are all compatible. Slip the red mirror over the lens, and download a few free Osmo game apps from the App Store, and you're set.

It was those educators that also gave Sharma and his team the idea for adding customization to Osmo: Teachers would love the Osmo word game, which lets kids guess what’s being displayed on a photo, and then spell the word out with letter tiles. But they found that Osmo’s version wasn’t really compatible with the content they had to teach under the new Common Core standards.

Osmo Game System – A Manipulative Gaming System for the iPad

Hands-on with the Osmo game system for the iPad

On the physical side, anything from toothpicks to paintbrushes can be part of the experience. Osmo extends gameplay beyond the screen, changing the space in front of a tablet into an interactive environment that turns any object into a digitally connected game piece.

Three Osmo games will be available at launch: Words, Tangram, and Newton. Words is a hangman-style game that lets you complete words using letter tiles that you arrange on the playing area. Tangram, on the other hand, comes with colorful tiles of varying shapes that you arrange to match whatever figure is displayed onscreen. The last game, Newton, is a physics game that has the player leading a falling onscreen ball to an intended target. To lead it to the desired destination, you can draw platforms on a piece of paper while it's falling, as well as move a piece of paper with pre-drawn figures on it. Additionally, you can use lay down any object around the vicinity on the table, like your or your , to use it to control the fall of the ball.