Using WordPress wp_nav_menu function you can display navigation menus on your site nicely.  You can even add the separators between each navigation menu.  It can be done by passing these arguments either “link_before, link_after” or “before, after” to your wp_nav_menu funtion.  However, you might face the problem with adding separators between each navigation menu. Continue reading

Below are a bunch of WordPress functions which will let you add your own admin menu to WordPress admin panel.

// add top level menu
add_menu_page(page_title, menu_title, capability, handle, [function], [icon_url]);

// add sub-menu pages
add_submenu_page(parent, page_title, menu_title, capability, file/handle, [function]);

// add Options sub-menu
add_options_page(page_title, menu_title, capability, handle, [function]);

// add Management sub-menu
add_management_page(page_title, menu_title, capability, handle, [function]);

// add Pages sub-menu
add_pages_page( page_title, menu_title, capability, handle, [function]);

// add Posts sub-menu
add_posts_page( page_title, menu_title, capability, handle, [function]);

// add Appearances sub-menu
add_theme_page( page_title, menu_title, capability, handle, [function]);

Some time you would like to increase the max upload file size in WordPress back-end but no access to php.ini file.  This is not the end of the world.  Actually,  you can still increase the upload file size by editing .htaccess file.  Just need to add the below code to your .htaccess which is located in the root folder of your WordPress install.

[code]php_value upload_max_filesize 8M[/code]

Note: Change 8 to your desired upload limit amount.

For the WordPress theme developers sometime we need to know the current page’s or post’s parent ID.  For example to list down the child pages list of the current page and this listing will show differently on the different pages. So we need to know the page’s or post’s parent ID. There is only a couple lines of code to get the parent ID.

[code]global $post;
$parent_ID = $post->post_parent;[/code]

That’s it!