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Who is the most exhibited artist in the world? The work of paint by number designer Dan Robbins has been displayed on more walls than that of any other artist. This was true in the past, is still true today and is most likely a record that will stand in the future.

Finally, how is this for “some therapy”: Apartment Therapy profiled two people — — and — who created paint by number wall murals onto their walls — entire walls. Wow, these may be even more epic than when I covered the four walls of my office with a patchwork of 300 squares of vintage wallpaper. Atomic Ranch also had a story in a recent issue about someone doing this. Seems like the basic how-to is: (1) Find a PBN you like, (2) Scan it in very high resolution, (3) Print onto a transparency, (4) Project the transparency onto the wall, (5) Outline the colors and as you go, write in the color numbers, (6) Figure out which colors go where, (7) Drop out of civil society as we collectively know it and paint until your eyes bug out of your head, (8) ta da, celebrate your epic achievement, but don’t look too closely at your errors. Not Perfect is the New Perfect.

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  • one 20″ by 16″ textured art board that has Each Plaid Paint by number kit includes: been pre-printed with a detailed design
  • How do I clean old paint by number paintings?

    We have a Leonardo da Vincis famous Last Supper paint by number set by Craft Master. My husband thinks his dad painted it sometime before 1955. We have researched with no luck on the original date. Any ideas on this?

    Over the decades, the Smithsonian curators say, the Paint By Number aesthetic became so ingrained in our culture that other artists began to use it as a political launching point for their work. Kind of Andy Warhol-esque stuff. Remember that By around the year 2000, vintage PBNs started become collectible. Today in 2012, I’d say they are super collectible — although prices are still “affordable”, especially if you find these at estate sales where I live, because everyone did PBNs! There are 12 million Craft Master PBNs out there!