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Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Cream, Value Pack, 13.25 Oz.


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The topical formulation is designed to heal and soften dry, rough skin. It helps smoothens marks on the skin and assists in toning the skin for an improved appearance and texture. It contains ingredients that help smooth and blend unattractive scars and marks on the skin like stretch marks. Palmers Cocoa Butter has become a popular treatment and prevention of stretch marks. It is typically used during and after pregnancy for preventing and reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

Palmers Cocoa Butter became popular for preventing stretch marks during pregnancy through word of mouth. Many women who have used it claim it is really effective for preventing stretch marks so it has become one of the unofficial uses of the product. It was initially designed to make the skin smoother and reduce scars and other marks. Now, it is marketed as a product for preventing stretch marks during pregnancy. However, for reducing stretch marks that have been around for a long time, many users claim it isn’t effective.

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    The company behind Palmers Cocoa Butter is E.T. The Browne Drug Company which is one of the longest standing proprietors of products for the skin and hair. It is a renowned company in the United States based in New Jersey. They are known for offering affordable and high-quality skin and hair care products.

    The active ingredients of Palmers Cocoa Butter are theobroma cacao extract, petrolatum, cocoa nucifera oil, mineral oil, theobroma cacao seed butter, elaeis guineensis oil, propylparaben and dimethicone. There are no details on the functions of each ingredient provided on the product’s website.