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south park style by darknight314 on deviantART

is the fifth-oldest and was the first to be designed using a master plan. Due in part to the late settling of the area as well as the National Park Service master plan, the National Park is home to superb examples of the National Park rustic style. Buildings in four historical districts — Nisqually, , Paradise, and Sunrise — along with patrol cabins and bridges make the park a showcase of the rustic style.

The result: we kind of end up in a Disney Parks style rut. Sweatshirts and tennis shoes, whatever bag happens to hold the most stuff, whichever shirt happens to be clean. Definitely our favorite character ears, because obviously we still want to show off our love of Minnie Mouse. That’s what made us want to rethink our go-to park outfits with some silhouettes and combinations that embody our personalities, but are still comfortable, practical, and Minnie ears-friendly.

HIM in South Park style by Shady-Lurker on DeviantArt

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