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The Peanut Shell Adjustable Sling, Whisper


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Peanut baby slings gained their name from their unique shape that allows them to hold a baby close to a mother’s body, much like a peanut in a shell.

The Peanut Shell Adjustable Sling, Whisper

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    The Peanut Shell sling was the very first sling I purchased for myself when I first became a mom. My daughter was two months old at the time I purchased it. What I like best about the Peanut Shell is that it is perfect for moms with a shorter torso. I'd been given two other slings as hand-me-downs and they all reached too close to my thighs, so that my daughter bounced with each step I took. The Peanut Shell holds baby higher up, more toward the center of the body. This does wonders to disperse the baby's weight. The only think I didn't like about the Peanut Shell was that my daughter looked a bit squished and contorted while inside. Once she was older and had head control, I was able to carry her using the hip carry, which was much more comfortable for the two of us. Eventhough I own a wrap, the Peanut Shell is still my preferred carier. It folds up nicely and can be put on in a cinch. I prefer to use it after baby has better head control. I used the Peanut Shell with both my kids, and even with my toddler while 3 months pregnant. Very comfy to use.

    Free baby sling patterns Peanut Shell Sling Take 2 yards of fabric and some standard sewing supplies and you can easily make this simple peanut shell sling for baby.