Only in grammar can you be more than perfect. ~William Safire

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Perfection Equipment, 5100 West Reno Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73127

Jodi Chang (Chang's Market), Tyler Reed (Desert Jack's Graboid Tours) and (Perfection Souvenirs Online) all live in the town proper. Jodi's niece, Natalie Chang, sometimes stays with Jodi and works part-time in Chang's Market.

He is U.S. Department of the Interior, lives in a charming ranchette home he purchased from — a local real-estate developer who owns more than half the property in Perfection Valley and plans to raze the town of Perfection in order to erect a strip-mall sprawl known as "Melville."

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  • The older I get the more “Fuckin’ perfect” I become.

    In addition, as the Graboid scare has subsided, a few newcomers have settled in the outskirts of Perfection Valley. Our newest neighbors includes prospectors, ranchers, retirees and picaresque winos living off government disability checks.

    So this is Samuel Gawith's idea of perfection? Well, it isn't mine, and it's a fair bit less perfect than some of their other blends. Unlike some of the other reviewers, I had no trouble picking out the vanilla. It was more prominent in the room note but I tasted it as well. It was the Turkish that I couldn't find. The virginias were out front with the latakia well to the rear and the vanilla flavor sort of lightly draped over the proceedings. But the Turkish was MIA in my tin. I got a feeling that the vanilla flavoring was just evident enough to throw this blend into confusion. It was not unpleasant but, like Grousemoor, it just seemed to me that SG didn't put their best tobacco into this mix. Smoking BBF and FVF along with a slew of others lets me know that they have stellar virginias in their house, but chose not to use them for this one.