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Birthday Party Pinatas And All The Accessories

Are you looking of a Pinata store in Whittier, CA? Or, perhaps you have never heard of pinatas? Do you know that the tradition of making these containers from clay, papier-mache or clothes comes from the distant land of the ancient Aztecs? During the late Middle Ages and Renaissance, it traveled to Europe and came back to Mexico with the invasion of the Spanish conquistadors. The original purpose of pinatas was making a symbolic sacrifice or worship in honor of the gods. Later, they were filled with toys and candies and used to be broken during ceremonies and celebrations.

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"My son loves all things baseball, so I decided to have a baseball player pinata customized with his name on it. The piñata came out great and all the kids thought it was pretty cool!" - Hillary D.

Over time, the religious aspect disappeared but their festive character still lives with the tradition. Modern pinatas are predominantly used for parties or simply for the sake of fun. Are you keen on the idea of making your own pinata or you can always find them available in the local Pinata store. They come in a great variety of textures, shapes, and colors to choose from and will always make a terrific surprise for your special occasion or a unique present for a loved family member or friend. Welcome to Jenny’s Party Rentals! Since 2002, we have dedicated our time to bringing our dear customers complete satisfaction! :