Playtex Drop-Ins Original Nurser

Playtex Drop-Ins BPA-Free Bottle Liners for Playtex Nurser Bottles - 8 Ounce - 100 Count


Playtex Drop-Ins Bottle Liners - 8 oz - 50 ct

Playtex Drop-Ins Premium Decorated Nurser Gift SetGet started with the #1 selling disposable bottle system* and the #1 bottle brand recommended by pediatricians.

(2) 4 oz Premium Nurser Bottle Holders
(2) 8 oz Premium Nurser Bottle Holders
Slow flow NaturaLatch silicone nipples
Drop-Ins Breast Milk Storage Kit with 1 pump adapter ring, 1 liner ring, 2 nipple rings and 2 sealing disks
30 Drop-Ins pre-formed liners (15 4oz and 15 8oz)

Drop-Ins liners collapse like the breast to prevent air from entering your baby, reducing gas, colic and spit-up
Breast milk storage kit allows mom to pump, store and feed in the same liner — no transferring and spilling between bottles
Also available with engaging decorations for baby

Babies would love to drink from bottles when they are lined with Playtex Drop-Ins Bottle Liners. The liners mimic breastfeeding and they contract, preventing air from entering the liquid as babies drink from the bottle. It helps to reduce colic, gas and spit ups. The BPA and phthalate free liners also regulate liquid flow, giving your baby the correct amount of liquid as they drink.

Why You'll Love It: Simple and convenient to use, it's now easy to provide your baby with a bubble free feeding every time.

Age: Newborn and up


Playtex Drop-Ins Bottle Liners - 4 oz - 50 ct

Playtex Drop-Ins Premium Designer Nurser - 4 oz - 3 Pk

Playtex Drop-In Disposable Bottle Liners are pre-sterilized and leak-proof. Their pre-formed shape allows for one-hand holder assembly, which makes it easy to fill a bottle, even while you're holding your baby. Liners collapse as baby feeds so no air gets into the milk. Help baby transition to bottles with these disposable liners.

Why You'll Love It: Playtex Drop-Ins System is similar to the natural sucking, swallowing and breathing patterns of breastfeeding.

Age: 4 months and up


Playtex Drop-In Disposable Bottle Liners are created to imitate breast feeding and provide a natural feeding experience for babies. The liners collapse in order to prevent air from getting mixed with fluids, which can lead to gas, colic and even spit-ups. The liners' pre-formed shape facilitates fast and single hand assembly, leaving the other hand free to hold the baby. The liners are leak-proof and help keep feeding mess-free.

Why You'll Love It: These liners provide a natural feeding experience and help prevent gas, colic and spit-ups.