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Melissa & Doug Giant Plush Stuffed Sea Turtle


Glitter the Plush Sea Turtle by Douglas

Large Plush Sea Turtle usually ships within one business day. Like all of the stuffed animals we offer, Large Plush Sea Turtle is new with all original tags and packaging. Large Plush Sea Turtle comes with our unconditional 100% satisfaction guarantee. See more information on this below.

Large Plush Sea Turtle usually ships within one business day.
Sea turtle is cool in mossy green plush. His belly is tan plush. He has black markings on his shell.

Green Plush Sea Turtle - 26" Large Stuffed Sea Turtle

  • Colorful Plush Sea Turtle Babies (12)
    It's a PTP! (that's a plushie turtle pile.)

    These cute little baby sea turtles are made from a soft velour fabric with tiny plastic black eyes. You get 3 each of green & yellow, blue & pink, purple & blue, and pink & purple.

    They make great party favors, gift toppers, or just fun little toys to toss around!

    The tag on these little guys say that they have been safety tested for children of all ages so everyone can enjoy them.

    Size: 1 bag of a DOZEN (12) turtles, each turtle is about 5" long
  • BIG Stuffed Plush Sea Turtle From No China Plush

    Sea turtles are one of the most beloved creatures in the ocean. It would
    be lovely to swim along with them as they go about their turtle-y
    business. Well, one can dream -- and that dream would be so much easier
    with a Plush Sea Turtle around.

    Help one of Earth's most beloved species make a comeback by joining our team of scientists, community conservationists and turtle-lovers today. Donate today and you may qualify for a special gift—an adorable plush sea turtle.