Includes pony figure, barrette and comb.

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I have this adorable toy stored away to give to my daughter when she is a little older! Thehas an engine car, train car, and caboose each have rolling wheels! The Princess Twilight Sparkle pony figure looks adorable in the conductor hat and glasses accessories, and the train car opens to play out fun stories inside and out. Your child can pretend to serve passengers drinks, load the caboose with luggage, and pass out paper tickets. The caboose roof opens, and when play time is over it closes to hold the 10 included accessories.

Your TWILIGHT SPARKLE pony friend loves to find the answers to all her questions! Her beautiful pink and purple hair and tail make her a fun, beautiful pal. She comes with a pair of heart-shaped glasses for when she wants to read her book. She wants to be your very best pal, so giddy up for fun and pony friendship!

Stylish pony figure! Comes with heart-shaped glasses. Includes book accessory!

Includes pony figure and accessories.

Ages 3 and up.

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Coming in October 2016
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Item Number: HSB6011
Price: $35.99
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My Little Pony Vinyl Figure - Sears

was inspired by the classic game of ups and downs or snakes and ladders. The MLP version includes a game board, three My Little Pony mini figures to use as play pieces, Princess Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, and Rainbow Dash, a spinner, three rainbows with cloud bases, one Gem Coin, and instructions. The rules are similar to the original games but it’s all rainbows and sweet little ponies. The board games is bright and colorful, holding the attention of younger players and the spinner is the ideal size for small hands. Young and old will enjoy this My Little Pony games version of the traditional ‘chutes and ladders’ games.

The classic board game The Game of Life now has a special . The set comes with four collectable pony figurines and replaces the game’s traditional play money with “Friendship Points.” Fantastic adventures await the whole family as you journey through Equestrian and on to the Summer Sun Festival, all the while completing challenges and learning the true meaning of friendship.