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rescue helicopter services use several sets of 3rd-generation night vision goggles imported from the , and the country is required to restrict access to the equipment to comply with the strict regulations regarding their export. There are no prohibitions on the ownership or use of night vision equipment for shooting non-indigenous game animals, such as rabbits, hares, deer, pigs, tahr, chamois, goats, wallabies, etc.

Scientists at the have developed a that can act as night vision device. The lens has a thin strip of between layers of glass that reacts to photons to make dark images look brighter. Current prototypes only absorb 2.3 percent of light, so the percentage of light pickup has to rise before the lens can be viable. The graphene technology can be expanded into other uses like car windshields to increase night driving abilities. The U.S. Army is interested in the technology to potentially replace night vision goggles.

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  • US D248860 - Night vision Pocketscope
  • US 4707595 - Invisible light beam projector and night vision system
  • US 4991183 - Target illuminators and systems employing same
  • US 6075644 - Panoramic night vision goggles
  • US 6158879 - Infra-red reflector and illumination system
  • US 6911652 - Low Light Imaging Device

The HD2 is the flagship FPV video goggle from Fat Shark

The experimented with panoramic night vision goggles (PNVGs) which double the user's to around 95 degrees by using four 16 mm image intensifier tubes, rather than the more standard two 18 mm tubes. They are in service with , and aircrew.

To do real IR goggles, you’d need an IR light source to amplify this invisible IR spectrum and a way to convert IR light into visible light. In the end though, if you’re trying to sneak around with an IR flashlight you’d be seen by anyone with real night vision goggles.