This rack enclosure has ideal physical features such as:

Muscle Rack UR184872-R 5-Shelf Steel Shelving Unit, 48" Width x 72" Height x 18" Length, Red


Rack Room Shoes | Shoes, Boots, Sneakers, Sandals

RittalXpress IT Products TS8 Server/Network Racks The Rittal TS8 Network Rack Your Search Is Over No one knows more about server and network racks than Rittal. As the world s leading enclosure manufacturer with over 15,000 products Rittal combines smart engineering with carefully crafted functionality. RittalXpress brings this quality and expertise right to your doorstep, right on time. Rittal Reliable, Innovative, Ideal. 6 RittalXpress IT Products and Accessories

RittalXpress IT Products TS8 Server/Network Racks The World s Leading Rack Available In One or Three Business Days TS8 Server Rack TS8 Networking Rack Applications: Universal server racks Multiple vendor environments Storage equipment Termination equipment Network equipment Features: Contemporary, sleek appearance Multiple vendor equipment compatibility Full line of accessories Complete family of sizes and styles Excellent heat dissipation Strong frame structure Key Accessories: Sidewalls Door Mount Server Fan Panel Baying Kits Toolless Shelves 19 (482.6 mm) Rackmount Casters Cable Management Hardware D Rings, Velcro Straps, Mounting Plates, Manage-IT Power Strips 15, 20, 30 Amp; Vertical or Rackmount Bolt Down Kits Toolless Blanking Panels Partition Walls Frame System Multi-Fold Frame Design: Steel frame strength and rigidity while light in weight Frame-only version ideal for four post applications Torsion free structure Multiple internal surfaces and points for mounting Maximum internal volume for footprint External access to all installation points for doors, walls and baying Maximum load bearing capacity 3200 lbs. (1451.5 kg) Available with single or split rear doors External Surfaces Doors and Walls: Secure to external surfaces of frame Doors can be easily removed or reversed Sidewalls can be screwed on, locked in place or hinged to provide side door access Internal door hinge and lock points for maximum security Door stiffener to stabilize door and provide additional mounting surfaces Maximum perforated area meets or exceeds server manufacturer specifications for airflow Ground studs on all surfaces External surfaces do not affect load bearing capacity same ratings with or without panels Fully perforated front and split-rear door Vertical Mounting Rails: Fully depth adjustable and maintain load capacity regardless of where the rails are positioned Floating installation system vertical rails are not secured to frame members or lateral support channels; can be adjusted independently Z shaped, multi-fold profile high load bearing capacity and multiple mounting surfaces 19 mounting capacity in 24 racks, 19 and 23 mounting capacity in 28, 32 racks U markings on front and rear surfaces of each rail RittalXpress IT Products and Accessories 7

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    In addition to making some room on the main gym floor, the rack provides a few niceties not previously available. The assembly provides extra stability when handling heavier weights and has a built-in set of safety chains to allow for a graceful exit from a failed squat. The chains also provide the ability for trainees to work on , or , should they desire to do so. The rack has precision-cut holes along the main uprights to allow for fine height adjustments of the j-hooks that hold the bar. Those looking to work on bench presses need only grab one of the flat benches from out on the floor and bring it into the rack to have a marvelously solid station from which to work. Holes are also drilled along the bottom and top beams to allow for band pegs. Devotees of will appreciate that capability. Lastly, the cross members at the top of the rack can be used as pullup bars, including the larger-than-normal diameter pullup bar in the back. Of course, we have lots and lots of pullup bars at CFO thanks to Daniel Hester’s amazing fabrication skills, so this is just icing on the cake.

    Cisco R42610 standard and expansion racks are ideal for single and multiple-rack Cisco UCS installations at customer sites. Cisco R42610 Dynamic racks and supplemental Cisco UCS integration hardware from certified integrators are required for shipping preracked Cisco UCS systems. Preracking Cisco UCS products in racks not from Cisco voids the Cisco UCS warranty.