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Unboxing the real ghostbusters box set 2016

The Real Ghostbusters Animated TV Series Box Set is a DVD set released by Time Life in November, 2008 that features all episodes on 24 discs put in 5 Volumes. There was also a 25th disc that has more interviews and includes the unaired Pilot that runs around 4 minutes. The Real Ghostbusters DVD Box Set was for the The Real Ghostbusters animated series and also included the Slimer! series as well. The set was released to retail on September 30, 2009.

The Real Ghostbusters DVD Box Set Advance Promotional DVD was sent out to select sent out to established Ghostbusters fan sites such as Spook Central and Proton Charging in late September/early October 2008. It had two episodes, one of the featurette and other box set related media.


I Get My Real Ghostbusters DVD Box Set Today

I recently busted out the Real Ghostbusters box set and watched through my favorite episodes. The first two seasons are rock solid filled with episodes for the thinking fan, but the show was later re-tooled to treat viewers like complete morons. Throughout the series, though, the score remained roughly the same. Not only was the music very fitting for the style and premise of the show, it captured moods in a way I don’t think other animated series had up to that point. Here are a few of my favorite tracks…

For those of you that read regularly, you'll know that Time Life and are planning on holding a public vote on the final art designs for the Real Ghostbusters DVD box set. You can choose between the two designs shown above, and the winner from the poll will be what the final design is based off of.