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Accoutrements Remote Control Zombie


Remote Control Zombie - Archie McPhee & Co.

The remote controlled walking zombie measures 7.75 inches tall, the remote measures 2.75 inches long, and requires 3 AAA batteries that get placed inside the zombie, which unfortunately, are not included.

The Remote Control Zombie would be the perfect gift for the zombie lover in your life, or better yet, the perfect purchase to annoy the crap out of the zombie hater in your life.

Remote Control Zombie - Office Playground

The Remote Control Zombie is in search for human flesh

What I find interesting about this zombie toy, is that it may be a bit misleading that they call it a “remote control zombie” when it is barely remotely controlled. This may be a disappointing aspect of it, or the best part, depending on your outlook on life. The brain shaped remote control is comprised of one simple button, and the zombie kinda does whatever it wants. But I guess that makes sense, since a real zombie would not be very predictable either. It’s creepier that way!

Ihr habt alles gesehen, was irgendwie mit einem Zombie zu tun haben könnte. Sicher? Kennt ihr auch schon den Remote Control Zombie, den der britische Händler anbietet? Der hat euch doch sicher gerade noch gefehlt….