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Rock em Sock em Robots is such a classic game! It will bring back memories for parents as they used to play this game as children. And besides the fun...these guys teach strategy, patience and dexterity. Now let's rock and sock!

Rock Em Sock Em Robots for the win! They need to re-release the game with the red robot having a Trump head, and the blue one with a Hillary head. 😀

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This is an officially licensed Rock Em Sock Em Robots t-shirt in which these Rock Em Sock Em Robots shirts have been screen printed with an official Rock Em Sock Em Robots image on the front. These Rock Em Sock Em Robots tshirts are usually made from a combined cotton and poly blend giving this Rock Em Sock Em Robots tee a super soft feel. This type of super soft lightweight sheer t-shirt blank has a pre-washed feel.

This a Homemade Rockem Sockem Robots Costume. It is made out of cardboard and hot glue. It took two weeks to build both, about 10 hours a piece. I didn't have any real plans to make the costume, I just downloaded a bunch of Rockem Sockem robot pictures from the internet and looked at them very carefully.

I would trace my arms and legs out on the cardboard and then draw the 2D part of the arms around the traced arm or leg. From there i would cut it out and hold it up to my body to sight fit it. I boxed the pieces in and held cardboard up against the boxed in pieces to form the complete piece.

The paint took a couple of coats. The gears are drawn on by marker. It won first place and I plan to go to a bar this weekend to try for $500.