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Littlest Pet Shop Fairies Fairy Fun Rollercoaster Playset


Littlest Pet Shop - Petshop Fairy World Roller Coaster Playset

Imagine a magical world where fairies are real with this super-fun Littlest Pet Shop Fairy Fun Rollercoaster Set! Your Soaring Skies Fairy pet wants you to come along for a wild time with her 3 friends. They can’t wait to zip and zoom all around and hop on the swing! They climb the stairs and then slide down in one of the 3 vehicles, and then do it all over again! With your fairy pet and friends, you’ll have all the magical fun you can handle on the Fairy Fun Rollercoaster playset!

The K’NEX Dragon's Drop Coaster is a hanging roller coaster playset, which includes 813 pieces, a flexible track and 2 hanging coaster cars. The set comes with detailed instructions on how to construct the roller coaster, which consists of 20 ft of track and builds to over 3 ft high. It requires 2 AA batteries for operation and is recommended for ages 9 and over.

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Polly Pocket Roller Coaster Resort Playset - Mattel - Toys"R"Us

The FAIRY FUN ROLLERCOASTER playset is an amusement park ride just for your LITTLEST PET SHOP Fairies pet and her three little friends! Place the fairy friends in their cars and on the track, then watch them cruise through the tunnel and zoom around the curves. When the ride is over, just press the button to help them climb the stairs, and they'll zip and zoom around the track all over again! The SOARING SKIES FAIRY pet and little friends can perch on the cloud, on the swing, or in the gazebo when it's time for a break.

Some of the playsets are already out. Others will be coming very soon. The new LEGO Friends Amusement Park Roller Coaster playset makes the list. And it comes packed with a Ferris Wheel and drop tower. Several minifigures are also coming as part of the set.