Safety 1st Glow and Go Monitor

Safety 1st Sure Glow Audio Monitor (2 RX), White


Safety 1st Glow & Go Baby Monitor Review

My DD god father bought our DS a safety 1st glow and go baby monitor before we left the states to come here and we tried it an it works and all, but were just wondering if we can keep using it? If not no prob we can buy another.

Safety 1st Glow and Go MonitorThe Glow and Go Monitor provides ultra clear audio monitoring of your little one. As your baby travels through her busy day, so does the Glow and Go Monitor. From nursery to playroom to kitchen, there’s no need to plug and unplug over and over again. Just set the portable unit near your baby and see and hear your baby’s sounds on your portable receiver from over 400 feet away.

Safety 1st - Glow and Go Nursery Monitor, 2 Receivers; Back

when my batteries go dead my sound goes first, ..