Samsung SEB-1014R Night Vision Additional Wireless Baby Monitoring Camera for SmartView (SEW-3034) and SecureView (SEW-3035)


Samsung Sew 3035 Secureview Video Baby Monitor

We started looking for video monitors with an *external antenna* hoping that this would solve the range problem and selected the Samsung SecureVIEW baby monitor. We are pleased to note that it does seem to have a longer range. We can now watch our baby in her nursery from our bedroom (~50ft) on most occasions. Moving the unit by 10 more feet causes more frequent "out or range" beeps and video loss.

The Samsung BabyVIEW SecureVIEW is a mid-cost baby monitor. Samsung promotes the BabyVIEW line of baby monitors as geared toward tech-savvy parents. This monitor has a 3.5 inch screen on which to view your baby. The SecureVIEW has a night vision feature, which ensures that you will not miss out on what is going on in the dark. The two-way talking allows you to hear the situation in the baby's room, and to speak to your baby. There are built-in sound and vibration alerts on the SecureVIEW, so that you are immediately notified when there is jostling going on. This baby monitor has networked support for up to four cameras. You can log the video you capture onto the built-in SD card. This video can then be uploaded to Facebook and Twitter. This model differs from the lower cost SmartVIEW model in that it has an AV out for TV viewing, as well as a USB connector for MSN/Skype viewing (whereas the SmartVIEW has only the AV out), for more viewing options. This model differs from the higher cost BrilliantVIEW model in that the BrilliantVIEW has remote lullabye capability, as well as a docking charging cradle. The Samsung BabyVIEW SecureVIEW baby monitor is equipped with a remote nightlight.

Samsung Audio Baby Monitor - SEW-2001

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