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Scribblenauts Nintendo DS is quite an achievement in itself and requires the user to think in order to solve puzzles and move through the game, in a sense that you write down an object needed in order to unlock other levels. Your imagination is put to a real test with Scibblenauts. Touch screen controls which are easy to get the hang of.

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Scribblenauts Nintendo DS Box Art Cover by mario13

Scribblenauts Nintendo DS Box Art Cover by Nightfire147

Without getting too off-topic, this creative flexibility is what makes Scribblenauts (and to a certain degree, videogames as a whole) special. Scribblenauts feeds off your creativity – if you decide to light a cat on fire in order to light a dark room, you’ve solved the puzzle your way. Yes, you’re working with pre-rendered assets and animations created by the developers so technically, the gameplay isn’t truly open-ended, but it’s pretty darn close, and it’s pretty darn cool.