Arau [Saraya] Dry Shampoo Foam Type 200ml

Mustela Foam Shampoo for Newborns, 5.07 fl.oz.


Surf Foam Wash Shampoo - Bumble and bumble.

Wash your hair without water with the help of Zerreau Towel Off Shampoo Foam! This travel sized 70ml bottle of shampoo foam can be simply applied to your hair, massaged in and towel dried for squeaky clean hair. The waterless shampoo is perfect for camping trips, festivals and travelling, when keeping clean can be tricky, especially when water is in short supply...or a long walk away!

Zerreay towel off shampoo effectively removed grease and odours from hair, removed product build up and comes in a fresh apple fragrance to leave your hair smelling great! It also doesn't leave unpleasant sticky residues behind and comes with a handy pump nozzle for easy use.

Trust us when we say Zerreau Towel Off Shampoo Foam is set to be an absolute game-changer. The towel-off, no-rinse shampoo allows you to wash your locks without the need for water. It gently cleanses your hair, leaving it silky soft and freshly scented with a hint of apple.

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  • The shampoo foam itself is what you will use to clean the upholstery instead of the soapy water. Upholstery, especially when made of seat cloth or velour, has a tendency to look dry even after being soaked. As such, it is very easy to over-apply cleaner if using soapy water or a spray-on shampoo.
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    Apply the homemade baking soda shampoo to a dry or wet hair. Start at the roots and work to the ends. Leave the mixture for 1 to 3 minutes and rinse well. You may find it hard to wash your hair without all the shampoo foam at first, but be patient and wait for the final results.