SNAPFIRE in Newport Beach, CA.

Nerf N-Strike SnapFire Blaster


| Version: Corel Snapfire 1.2

Corel Snapfire is a free digital photography software which makes it easy for you to entertain friends and family with your photos and videos. There's fun Snapfire Shows, easy e-mail options, drag & drop creative templates, and much more. From one-click quick photo fixes and retouching tools to effortless organization, there's no other software that makes it easier to work with your digital photos and videos. Plus there are 100s of creative templates and Snapfire Shows - the best way to share groups of photos and video clips.

Windows only: Edit, organize, and share your photos with Corel Snapfire, a Picasa-like photo manager that's free, easy to use, and better than you'd expect.

The SnapFire has been released with the following color schemes:

The Snapfire 8 has been released in the following color schemes;

Remember the unique firing method I spoke about in the last paragraph? Well, it centers around the fact that the Snapfire 8 is a semi-automatic blaster. It has no motors and it requires no batteries, but it is semi-auto. How? It has a very interesting trigger mech, that’s how. Pushing the trigger primes, rotates the barrel, and fires the blaster. This is akin to a real-steel . This is the only semi-auto Nerf blaster that does not require any kind of electricity. It is awesome. It also features a knob on the bottom of the handle that you can turn to adjust the power level. It has two maximum settings; Speed and Power. The Speed setting decreases the tension of the spring inside the blaster, making it easier to pull the trigger faster. This allows you to shoot a flurry of weaker shots in a quicker amount of time. The Power setting increases the tension of the spring greatly and allows for more powerful, long ranged, shots. The trigger pull is harder and the blaster will be slower to fire. The knob can be left anywhere between the Speed and Power settings, letting you perfectly balance the power of the blaster to your liking. The Dart Tag Snapfire 8 has an 8-dart rotating cylinder that fires one dart with each pull of the trigger. It comes with the old school , but it can fire any kind of foam dart you put in its chambers. The effective range of this blaster is about 35 feet.

I didn't expect to like Snapfire, which seemed like little more than a limited Picasa knockoff. But it's a pretty nice little program, especially for novice users. It's the kind of thing I could give to my parents and not expect countless how-do-I-work-this? phone calls. Snapfire is freeware for Windows.