Snuza Halo Baby Movement Monitor

Snuza Halo Mobile Baby Movement Monitor


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3. Extremely loud alarm. Snuza Halo sets off a really loud alert sound. So you can perform tasks around the house and not worry about missing the alarm in case something goes awry in the nursery.

2. Highly effective sensors. Snuza Halo is equipped with sensors that are able to detect even the faintest breathing movement of your baby.

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    4. Portable and compact. Snuza Halo is not bulky and does not require external power. You won’t have to worry about having to plug it to an electrical outlet. You won’t have to fuss about wires, which by the way can be potentially dangerous to your child too.

    13. Hypoallergenic materials. All the materials used in Snuza Halo are guaranteed medical-grade hypoallergenic plastic and rubber. So you need not worry about allergies or skin irritations. And the rubber tip containing the sensor is very soft so injuring your child’s tummy area is highly unlikely.