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If you've ever played the game, you know that a good pair of soccer shin guards can be life-savers! We have here at Soccer Master, and for starters, check out the and the increasingly popular !.

Hi, my name is Jill Weiss, and I'm going to give you a few tips, on how to go about looking for youth shin guards, buying shin guards for your soccer player. First things first, is you want to make sure that you are buying shin guards, that fit that specific athlete. You don't want to buy an adult size for a young athlete. The way that it should fit, it should mold to the shin. It should fit comfortably, over that shin, because this is going to protect that area. You want to also have your athlete try on everything that they normally would wear, to practice in competitions, things like that. Cleats, socks, shin guards, all together. The guard should kind of fit, right under the tongue of the cleat, right at the ankle. In Velcro, it's tight enough to where it's comfortable. It's going to stay. It's comfortable. This one is a little small for me, so you want the shin to completely cover that, and right below the knee. You always want to wear socks over the shin guard. That's full protection. That's something they need. Price wise, you don't have to spend a ton of money, but you want it, it's something that's going to last. Something that's going to protect you. Young athletes especially, full main protection is something that you want to focus on. Once they're a little bit older, you can do it more . They're a little thinner, and mold to the shin, but you want full protection, for those young beginner athletes, so those are just a few tips on what to look for on buying soccer shin guards.

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When buying youth soccer shin guards, make sure they fit comfortably and are the right size. Select youth soccer shin guards with tips from a former All-American soccer player and current coach in this free video on youth soccer.

Put on soccer shin guards. Place the ankle wrap on your foot, and then align the concave shin guard part, which is made of hard plastic, on your shin. Your shin guards should cover your leg from the ankle up to 2 inches below the knee at most.