How to Make a Solar System Mobile: 15 Steps (with Pictures)

Solar System Globe Mobile


Solar System Mobile by Kathleen George.

Enjoy your own personal model of the solar system with the Solar System Mobile from Uncle Milton. This detailed model displays all nine planets, including Pluto which is now classified as a dwarf planet. The 10 inch illuminated sun mounts securely to your ceiling* and the nine planets hang from metal suspension rods of the appropriate length to display each planet in its correct orbital sequence around the central sun.

Whether used for learning or as a night light, the Solar System Mobile will engage your youngster’s imagination and broaden their horizons. The mobile comes with its own remote control to turn the solar system on and off. The remote also includes a built in light allowing observers to point out the various planets as they orbit the sun.

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  • Solar System Mobile Requires 3 "C" batteries (Not included)
  • Solar System Mobile by Kathleen George.

    To answer the inevitable “How does it...” questions that are sure to come, the Solar System Mobile includes an informative 15 minute audio CD tour of the solar system.

    Make a colourful solar system mobile that glows as it hangs from the ceiling. This cardboard mobile measures 42cm x 42cm and includes pre-printed, cardboard planets that glow in the dark once the lights are off! The kit includes a solar system wall chart with 8 fun solar system facts and detailed assembly instructions. In the box you'll find: 1 x set of cardboard planets, transparent dome covers, rods, joints and thread for hanging.