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Sony NTM-910YLW Baby Call 900MHz Nursery Rechargeable Monitor with Transmitter, 5 Sound-Sensor Activity Lights, and Voice Activation Mode, White (Certified Refurbished)


Sony BabyCall NTM-910Dual Baby Monitor - Consumer Reports

We bought this Sony BabyCall Monitor as a starter monitor with our first child who is almost four years old. We ended up keeping this monitor as our main monitor all these years. We still use it after almost four years and still love it. It's still as good as new. It is so easy to set up and use. Highly recommend!

Sound/Video Clarity
The clarity is great! And I love the red lights as the sound increases so that you can have the sound off and still know when your child is awake and if they are screaming.

We have interference on ours every once in a while. It goes through spells of giving us trouble and then it will be fine for months. Not sure what the problem is.

Great durability! These monitors have been out on our front porch and knocked around some.

It gets great reception for a distance. It can be unplugged and taken just about anywhere near the house. Most of the time, it stays on the first level of our house while the other piece is in the second level of our house.

The Sony 900 mhz BabyCall nursery monitor is just plain excellent. With 27 different channels to choose from, you can always find a good one where there's no static, no interference, and no hearing your neighbors (or having them hear you! on their cordless phones) The speaker provides a clear sound and you can easily use the handset far away from the base (outside, in the basement, etc.) The battery life is really good and the handset is rechargeable. Simple, convenient, and easy to use.

There are cheaper monitors out there, but they're just not worth it. You want your monitor to be clear and reliable, otherwise, what's the point? For parents who cant afford a video monitor or think that video is overkill, you can't go wrong with the Sony BabyCall monitor.

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  • Description

    Keep tabs on your baby's actions with the Sony BabyCall Nursery Monitor. With its built-in rechargeable battery and minimal interference, this nursery monitor with two receivers delivers peace of mind to parents.
  • It has some unique features that make it a great choice

    The SonyNtm 910y Babycall Ultra Sensitive 900 Mhz Baby Monitor is a very good monitor to use for a nursery. Our monitor is sitting on a table a few feet away from the crib, and it picks up any sound that is made inside the nursery no matter how far it is from the base. We have even tried standing on the other side of the room and whispering to see if it would pick up the sound, and it does. The receiver has enough reach, so we can be anywhere in the house without having problems with static or picking up noises coming from the nursery. This baby monitor comes with a rechargable battery for the receiver so it eliminates the need to purchase batteries or having to find an outlit to plug it into. The price of the Sony BabyCall Monitor is very reasonable for the quaility of the product and is much more affordable then others in the same catagory. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a high quality Baby monitor for a very reasonable price.

    The Sony BabyCall Nursery Monitor NTM-910 (, ) is one of the few baby monitors on the market that's water-resistant, a huge plus if you plan to use the receiver in the kitchen or poolside -- or, as one site notes, if you have an accidental spill.