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Effective on even the most stubborn stains! Prove for yourself the awesome stain removing results possible with StainGo, or watch our quick demonstration. Safely removes even the toughest stains.

With the introduction of our latest professional teeth whitening pens you are able to take care of your teeth where-ever and when-ever. Our newest professional teeth whitening pen ($35) called "Stay White" provides professional "On the Go" teeth whitening.

Our Stay White On the Go professional teeth whitening pen provides every consumer with a safe, affordable, fast and effective way to professionally create and maintain a beautiful white smile in the privacy of your home, office, car, where ever and when ever you choose.

The Stay White professional teeth whitening pen is available in our specially formulated mint flavored gel which is perfect for everyone's use including people with sensitive teeth and gums.

The Stay White professional teeth whitening pen with its ergonomical design makies it easy to add to your current cosmetic range that you already use on the go, its the perfect way to keep your smile whiter and free from stains and discoloring, its a great way to make your smile Stay White! go ahead bring back your beautiful smile, start using our professional teeth whitening pen and ensure your smile Stays White.

Please review the benefits of what this new professional teeth whitening pen can do, listed below.

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This pen is amazing for daily use whilst going about your day to day activities, at work, at home on the road, fits in your cosmetic bag or purse, it really keeps the stains away from your teeth..

i cant believe it, this pen actually works, i had my teeth professionally whitened by my dentist, he advised me to use this pen to maintain the bright white smile i now possess, it keeps away the stains and daily food build up, i love this pen and will use it always, thanks Ultrabright....