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Sungang Stationery & Toys Wholesale Market located in Luohu District in Shenzhen and is the largest specialized wholesale market for stationery and toys. The market covers two floors building covering an area of 5,000 square meters. As the name suggests, the market is specialized in selling stationery, toys, gift items and seasonal decorations.

Office consumable items and office machines could be found at the market. Also there are items for sports, painting, weddings and holidays sold at this wholesale market. With a wide range selection of stationery and toys, fair prices and good quality, Sungang Stationery & Toys Wholesale Market has been the purchasing base for many enterprises and schools in Shenzhen.

The Stationery and Toy Shop Street is located around Dongdaemun and the easiest way to get here is through the subway (train). We were staying in the hotel in Myeongdong and so we took the subway here (4 stations and all within 20mins).Upon arrival at Dongdaemum Station, look for Exit 4. Once getting out from there, walk ahead and...

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    It does not matter what I am looking for, I always stop by Stationery and Toys first, certain that I will find what I need. Sometimes I find myself laughing out loud when I ask either of the owners of this fantastic old world shop, a father and daughter, for the item that I am in search of that day, …

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