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I bought a Step 2 Touring wagon and when I tried to put it together I couldn’t. Where it said to put the screw’s in for the canopy and the back seat’s there were no screw holes and I couldn’t screw them into solid plastic. I took it back to the store and got another one hoping that it was just a fluke in the production. When I started to assemble the second I ran into the same problems. When it says to screw the long metal screws to secure the back of the wagon there is no hole to screw it into, also with the plastic parts that hold the canopy up I have the same problem, it shows where I am supposed to screw it into but there is no hole for it to go into. I am going to be taking it back and getting something else but I want to know if that is how they all are?

This classic Step2 Wagon has many fun and practical uses! Parents will love pulling their kiddos around the block with this durable red wagon. It can also haul mulch around the yard during gardening when the seats are converted to a flat bed. Made in USA of US and imported parts.

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This Step2 Wagon is a roomy two-seater that provides a shady and comfortable ride for your little ones! This red and blue wagon is ideal for strolls in the park, neighborhood or at the zoo. The canopy provides tots with protection from the sun and enhances the wagon riding experience. Youngsters will stay cool and comfortable insides this durable Step2 wagon. Made in USA of US and imported parts.

This Step2 Wagon and attachable Trailer is an innovative kid’s wagon that makes taking the little ones around a breeze! From the playground to the amusement park to the zoo a breeze, this wagon has you covered! The durable design of this classic ride-on provides tots with room to lounge as parents take the kids for a stroll. Plus, there is plenty of room to store snacks, stuffed animals and other personal belongings between the storage compartments in the riding toy and trailer. Made in USA of US and imported parts. Seat belts made in China.