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OXO Tot Twist Lid Straw Cup (7 oz.) - Green


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Love this post! I am a mom of 2 young boys as well as a pediatric SLP. I too often urge families to switch from sippys to straws for the same benefits that you outlined. I also love “swirly” straws which I often find in bulk in party sections at Target/Wal-Mart. Pottery Barn Kids also has a swirly straw included cup that my son loves. These straws can be more challenging as the kids need to suck longer. Kids typically work hard though for these because they love to watch the liquid’s path. Its a good sometimes straw for sure. I am pretty diligent about cleaning these as soon as my son uses them and typically only serve water in them for cleaning ease…although to increase the straws’ benefits, using a more challenging texture (milkshake consistency) can be great.

Thanks for your article. My year old twins ( eleven month adjusted) have been using straw drinking cups since they started drinking water and now they are drinking whole milk. They seem to know how to drink out of the straw cup but they have started drinking the milk and then spitting it out. Any tips?

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    • It can also be used to transition from bottle-feeding to cup drinking