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Super Friends: Flying High (DC Super Friends) (Step into Reading)


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The amusing thing was watching DC Comics try to adapt the characters into the Super Friends comic book, which was ostensibly in continuity at the time.

I am so glad to discover which are easy for both of my children to read. Mr K is a huge fan of superheroes but we have found it hard to get the right books for him. Bantam Children Publishing have published a range of DC Super Friends books on 27th March 2014. They are aimed at children aged 5 – 7 years old.

The Aquaman Shrine: DC Super Friends Flip Book - 2008

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  • DC Super Friends Sticker Book Treasury Review

    We have received these books for review: Hero Havoc!, Crime Wave!, My Wipe-Clean Activity Book and The Super Friends Sticker Book with 50 stickers.

    The Super Friends Sticker Book with 50 stickers contains 24 pages of puzzles, fun activities and learning to identify the superheroes and villains. The stickers can be found in the middle of the book but Mr K managed to tear the stickers before he could even paste them. A lesson learned, that I need to take them out before they are let loose on the book. This book is definitely great while travelling as it keeps them entertained without much supervision.