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North States Superyard Colored Play Door with 2 Panel Extension


north states superyard play yard

Pros: The Superyard Colorplay is huge and provides two additional feet of space, which is a big deal for your little one. The colorful exterior is perfect for a playroom and the easy fold design allows you to fold and stow the yard away in minutes. If you plan to travel with the yard, via airplane, keep the box and check it as regular baggage. For the price, this indoor and outdoor yard adds a ton of much-needed convenience around the home that will allow you to get your work done as your child enjoys some alone time in their new colorful world.

The Superyard Colorplay eight panel playard by North State is a sturdy, easy to use playard that can give both mom and dad a little break when it’s desperately needed. No longer will you be a slave to your baby’s schedule. Now, you can get those dishes done, throw in a load of laundry, finish those files for work and enjoy chaotic-free playtime whenever you want. A playard is designed to keep your infant or toddler safely contained, allowing you to move about the house without keeping one eye locked on your little on at all times. This eight-panel playard is impressively large and able to enclose over thirty-four feet of space so your child has room to play and roam.

Superyard Xt Play Gate By North States Industries

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North States Superyard Play Yard - Demo & Review - YouTube

Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, the Superyard Colorplay Ultimate is an excellent solution for creating a safe play area for your child. The Superyard Colorplay Ultimate features an Easy Access Door that opens easily with one hand. Just slide the latch back, lift the door up and out to open. Simply reverse this motion to close. This six-panel colorful play yard creates up to 18.5 square feet of protected play space. Want to increase the size of the Superyard Colorplay Ultimate? Just add a Two-Panel Extension (sold separately) to create up to 34.4 square feet of play space! Want to fit this play area into a smaller space? Just remove two panels to make a square shape. This play yard sets up and folds up quickly. Comes complete with carrying strap and non-slip pads. Fun for your child, peace of mind for you!

The North States Colorplay 8 panel is an excellent solution for creating a safe play area for your child, both indoors or outdoors. The brightly-colored, 8 panel yard encloses up to 34.4 square feet ~ that’s 7 feet corner to corner ~ and is 26 inches high. This yard is larger than the Superyard Classic or Superyard Colorplay 6 panel which is 5 ½ feet corner to corner of protected play space.