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Teachers and Students: Toy Connection

Most probably, you’ve heard this statement that “kids learn best by doing”. Kids love to play and there is no better learning time than the time of play. Teaching toys are educational toys that encourage children to learn through hands-on play activities. Here, we present the main categories for top teaching toys used by teachers and parents to motivate children to learn, play and explore.

Toys that teach numbers and counting expose young children to the world of numbers and figures. Teaching toys in this category are designed to introduce numbers from 0 to 10 to preschoolers and kindergarteners. Children find the opportunity to learn about the meaning of quantity, what number sequence is and what shape or symbol each number is associated with. Toys like , and are examples of toys that teach number recognition and counting to children.

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    Toys that teach math are suitable for kindergarteners and early elementary school students who need to learn about the basic math functions and their applications. Teaching toys in this category use the understanding developed from the counting and number recognition stage to introduce more advanced math concepts to children. Math concepts introduced include simple addition, subtraction and multiplication. Examples of toys in this category are , and .

    Teaching toys in this category expose children to a variety of elementary and advanced scientific facts and concepts. Science toys have something to teach to everyone from kindergarten to middle-school students. Instead of teaching children abstract and dry scientific information, science toys help children learn and discover new things through hand-on experiments that involve primary senses like seeing, hearing, smelling and touching. Examples of toys in this category include , and .