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So, were you lucky enough to own a Teddy Ruxpin toy as a kid? Do you remember his caterpillar friend, Grubby? What about the cartoon series? I’d like to know if Teddy Ruxpin was a special part of your childhood, too.

Kids don't even know who Teddy Ruxpin is. I think this is more for the parents who want their kids to play with the same kind of toys they played with when they were young (but without context, since the cartoon hasn't been on in 20 years, and I doubt kids today would find the old animation style appealing... plus, the Teddy Ruxpin toy isn't THE toy for all the kids to have, like back when it was popular.)

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  • Teddy Bear toy with blue bow isolated over white.

    Remember the Teddy Ruxpin toy bear? It was pretty groundbreaking, being the first-of-its-kind animatronic toy with motorized eyes and mouth. He even told stories via a cassette player and in 5 years it became an multi-billion dollar product!

    Every baby needs a teddy bear to hold onto at night. This Huggable Teddy Toy is the perfect teddy bear to give the newborn in your life. Follow this free crochet pattern and bring this bear to life. It would make a wonderful homemade gift idea for an upcoming baby shower, or make this cute bear for your own little bundle of joy. Use any color yarn to customize this pattern depending on the baby's gender.