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All four of these former Titans (although it’s not clear that Starfire was ever a Titan in this continuity. We know she dated Nightwing once, but was she ever a Titan? Hopefully Rebirth will make sense of all this once it’s all said and done) are captured by a mysterious attacker, someone who knows their strengths and weaknesses and knows exactly how to take them out. Sounds very Batman, right? Well, not quite. It turns out their attacker and jailer is none other than Robin, a.k.a Bruce Wayne’s son Damian. It seems he has captured these heroes for a specific mission, so the Teen Titans are going to reform… whether they want to or not.

Go ultraviolet with this colorful and fun Teen Titans t shirt that doubles as a Starfire costume! The Teen Titans Go Starfire FB Sub Juniors T Shirt has a distressed, dye sublimated print on both sides. It mimics the uniform worn by Starfire, the female firebrand from DC Comics' and series' who absorbs ultraviolet energy!

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    Who would've thought that the people who brought us Teen Titans, Justice League Unlimited, Batman: The Animated Series, and so many other timeless cartoons, also brought us this. Teen Titans Go completely disgraces the DC logo and the Warner brothers logo. I'm seriously debating on sending this to each of them, because it seems that neither have actually seen any of the episodes.

    The best Rebirth books have gone with the history of DC books pre-Flashpoint, while also taking them in new and interesting directions. We’ve seen that with Superman, Batman, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, and the like. If the Teen Titans are going to be among that stable — and given the talent involved, there’s no reason they shouldn’t be — it’s not gonna cut it to just replicate the formula of the old cartoon. The Titans are gonna have to grow up, even if, like with Beast Boy, that’s in small doses.