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Also available is a detailed description of the product, the opportunity to write a review of it, and the capability to add it to a list of items to purchase. This is really handy if you bought a particular product, need more, and can’t quite recall its name or color or whatever (not that that ever happens to ME, of course…). The Home Depot Pro App lets you check the inventory of your chosen Home Depot stores, showing quantity on hand, and even telling you the aisle and bay number! Using the Home Depot Pro app, you can easily make purchases right from the job site.

After a brief iPhone familiarization session (many more of which will be required), I downloaded the Home Depot Pro app, this time with no demeaning comments, and launched into it. The app allows you to select a “home” Home Depot, and specify a few alternate locations as your default stores when checking for inventory. After entering a little customization info, I started to explore the features.

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    The Home Depot Pro app also includes some useful calculators and converters. There are dedicated calculators to help you figure out how much paint, carpet, insulation or drywall and screws you’ll need, based on the dimensions of your project. The converter tool can help you convert various units of measurement in area, length, mass, temperature or volume into OTHER units of measurement, for example square yards into square feet, meters into inches, Celsius into Fahrenheit, or ounces into six-packs. You can save the results of your calculations for future reference.

    Also available through the is access to another tool: EagleView. Contractors can use the Home Depot Pro’s EagleView 3-D aerial technology for job site measurements anywhere, anytime. I have no personal experience with this product, but according to the website, this program allows the user to gain a bird’s eye view of the project at hand. With EagleView, you’ll get a discounted aerial photography tool that takes accurate roofing and wall measurements and converts them into an exterior building materials list.