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This was the first outing for the Sing-a-ma-jigs when they appeared at the annual New York Toy show earlier this year. The video features a great demonstration of the sing a ma jigs singing, their different vocal modes available and a great example of a Sing a ma Jig harmonisation.

Fisher Price the infant and toddler toy producers and their parent company the toy giant Mattel are the masterminds behind the brand new children’s sensation the Sing a ma Jig toys. The Sing-a-ma-jigs were first seen on Mattel’s Fisher Price Stand at America’s largest toy fair held annually in New York city. These colourful plush dolls are one of Fisher Prices biggest toys for 2010 and will be very hot property in the toy market come the Christmas holiday’s.

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  • Dora (Brown, Tingalayo-all Dora and Friends: Into the City singamajigs are Toys R Us exclusive.)
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    The Sing a ma jigs are brightly coloured musical dolls that sing, talk and harmonise with other nearby surrounding Jigs. On their debut release just four characters were available, teal, red, yellow and Pink since their initial release the orange and purple toys have been added to the musical roster and by Christmas their will be a fully singing fully harmonizing group of 12 Sing-a-ma-jigs. Each Sing a ma Jig doll colour comes with their own song that they love to sing.

    Great video of the Sing a ma Jigs from the guys over at Time to Play. Watch as the Mattel plush characters chatter, sing and most exciting of all Harmonise with each other.