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The adventure of finding that a present-day, best-selling author and teacher of the principles of A Course in Miracles, had not only committed fraud, but also plagiarism and reincarnation identity theft, added to the intrigue of a conflict which has carried over 2000 years to find a solution in 2010. MacDonald’s attempts to expose the fraud were blocked by publishers and researchers who one would expect to be searching for truth. His struggles to find someone willing to publish his discoveries, opens a dark window into some aspects of the spiritual publishing industry. One editor even wrote wistfully, as if to say that he would like to publish the book but was under too much pressure from opposing factions, “I can’t publish The Thomas Book. But keep trying. It is a very good book.”

MacDonald was trained as a literary historian and has published articles and presented research papers on the literature of Canada, India, Africa and the West Indies in journals and books around the world (check his Professional CV on this website). In The Thomas Book, in recovering the consciousness which bridges two thousand years, he puts his considerable investigative abilities into an exploration of the early documentary evidence for the existence of this twin of Christ, including the surprising evidence for his existence even in the canonical Gospels. After the time of Constantine, most of this evidence had been destroyed, but there is still much early, fragmentary writing pointing directly to the belief in this twin.

The author’s exploration of the role of sexual fear in the formulation of some of the doctrines surrounding the birth of Christ, and the attempts to keep hidden the truth of a number of the relationships in “the Jesus circle” in the Bible, adds much to our understanding of the influences which have formed our modern world.

When MacDonald finally started looking for a publisher, he discovered that another conflict had bridged the centuries, following him into the present to put almost insurmountable barriers in his way.

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In the first century, Didymos Judas Thomas had written The Gospel of Thomas (discovered in Egypt in 1945 and now published as part of The Nag Hammadi Library), after the resurrection of Jesus. He listened to the “living Jesus” speak to him in spirit and recorded his memory of Jesus’ teachings while alive. In The Thomas Book we have an exciting new development -- Bruce Fraser MacDonald listened to both Judas Thomas and Jesus in spirit and recorded their words in a Gospel which corrects many of the errors in the record of events and teachings in the four canonical Gospels in the Bible. When he finished the Gospel, MacDonald realized why he felt after the NDE that “something was wrong with the Gospel stories in the Bible.” He had been given his answer by the original protagonists in the Jesus story, after many years of searching.

You can read on this website about part of this astonishing adventure in the sample Chapter readings from The Thomas Book and in the articles about Gary Renard’s plagiarized gospel and his relationship to Simon Magus.