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==Thomas the Tank Engine Slippers==

Another present from Jacks Nana, (my mother in law) which is emblazoned with the face of Thomas the Tank engine and which was of a pretty bad standard.

I really can't say where she bought them from probably Asda or some such place. They can be picked up in a lot of places such as Mothercare, ebay or Amazon for mostly under £10.

The slippers are made from a soft velvet type of material and they are in a nice red and navy colour. There is a picture of Thomas on the front of the slipper and there is the Thomas logo on the heel of the slipper.

The slippers are fastened with one large Velcro strip across the front of the foot and the Velcro is large enough to hold them on tight. The sole of the slipper is made from a rubbery type material that offers a good type of grip on slippery floors but doesn't seem to make black marks when worn on laminate flooring.

The shoes feel soft and warm and have an overall good appearance. However the troubles come when trying to get them on to Jack excessively wide feet. Jack is a Clarks H width size which is nearly the biggest width you get by shoes for on the High street so goodness only known why his Nana continues to buy him items such as these. Not only does he not like Thomas very much but his feet could hardly fit into the at all.

We tried several times to gets Jacks little foot into the slipper buy with no real success. We did get them in and fastened up but you could tell it looked uncomfortable and they soon popped off anyway.

I don't think it is the slippers fault as they obviously can only go with the standard sizes for production but I also feel that even if Jack had been able to get his foot in they wouldn't have been especially comfortable anyway because of the rather large foam inner sole. There appeared to be a bit of a platform which combined both the sole and the inner sole and when we managed to get Jacks chunky plates of meat in there he instantly slipped off the slipper - slippery things them slippers!

For us these slippers were really no good. I am sure someone who sees them at the charity shop will feel that they have got themselves a bargain but unfortunately they left our house nearly as good as new - thanks Nana!

I can't really give them anything more than a 1 out of 5 stars because not only did they not fit very well, they also seemed to have a design fault in the platform. I wouldn't recommend them, not even to a big Thomas fan. Slipper socks and far more practical!

Many thanks for taking the time to read.

I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you.

While shopping in asda I cam across a pair of Thomas the tank slippers marked at half price at just £3 as they are usually £6 I picked them up for my little man as he loves Thomas and I knew he would love to have some slippers of his own.

The slippers them self are blue and have a picture of Thomas on the front of them. They are made of a soft fleece like material and have velcro straps for fastening. This is great as we were trying to teach our son independence when it comes to dressing himself so as this is an easy way to fasten them he thinks it is great that he can put his own slippers on. Also across the velcro strap it has Thomas written and the number 1 which my son kindly pointed out to me was Thomas's number.

The inside of them is also made of a fleecy material so it keeps little ones feet warm and snug while inside without irritating feet. They are true to size as I purchased them in a 7 which is my sons size and they fitted perfectly and were easy to get on and off. The sole of the slipper is not the thickest but as it is just for indoor use they are adequate for what they are used for and I have had no complaints from my son.

My only downside to them is on the sole there are a few bumps for gripping which is fine for my eldest son but when I purchased them for my 15 month old who is just becoming steady on his feet he slips and slides in them as we have laminate flooring.

I think these slippers are great especially at the half price that I brought them for we loved them that much we purchased another pair for my youngest son as he kept trying to steal his brothers. They are great for winter months and keeping little ones feet warm around the house. They are well made especially for the price I paid and my son got good wear out of them.

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