The second wave of Dexlue 4″ Thundercats figures includes:

ThunderCats Lion-O 8" Collector Figure Classic


ThunderCats Staction Figures (PVC Figurines)

As with many collector's items, Thundercats action figures vary in the condition in which you find them. For instance, figures in their original packaging are almost certainly damage-free and worth more than those that have been removed from their boxes. You may also find some figures which were painted or damaged, this may also impact their original value. Choose your purchases carefully. Find out about their condition so as you can avoid buying figures with inferior value.

Thundercats HO! These 10cm Thundercats figures from Bandai are amazing we have all your favourite characters from the leader Lion-O to the evil Mumm-ra. All the figures are embedded with the exclusive ThunderLynx magnetic technology that can be used to activate other Thundercats toys.

Thundercats loose figure CAPT. CRACKER

  • Thundercats Staction Figures
  • Thundercats loose figure CAPT. SHINER

    When purchasing Thundercats action figures, it is also important to choose between and vintage or figures. While the television series ended around 1990, the action figures continued to be produced until recent times. Vintage figures were manufactured back in the 1980s. The newer figures include those manufactured as recently as . The vintage figures hold more value for collectors, but they will also cost more, whilst newer figures are a better idea if you are patient enough to wait for the figures to gain value over time.

    Icon Heroes has provided us with some new photos and info for their Jackalman and Jaga. Both Thundercats Staction Figures will be released in the third quarter of 2011. These 6″ figures will come in retro style blister cards. Jackalman includes an interchangeable right arm that allows you to display him with his club or mace. Jaga includes an interchangeable head to display him as the elder Jaga or his younger version.