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Climbers and Slides from Step2 Make Exciting Kids Toys

Toddlers are full of energy. They are very active and it is very good that they use their energy into something educational, fun, and exciting by playing with toddler climbing toys.

The is another one of the toddler climbing toys that present multiple climbing opportunities and keep the child amused and occupied for a longer duration. Built to simulate a rock face, this climber presents a summit for the child to scale. It consists of cargo and floor nets, grips and different climbing surfaces. A younger child may be able to do less and then may progress to higher levels, giving a sense of achievement or accomplishment.

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  1. Size. Pick climbers sizes that are age appropriate. The really tall, big climbers are not really safe for a toddler, so look for climbers built on a smaller scale.

  2. Space. Consider whether you want an indoor or outdoor climber. If you have a yard or open outdoor space, you can get an outdoor climber. However you will have to make sure that you will be able to supervise your child's activities at all times if you do pick an outdoor climbing toy.

  3. Simultaneous. Try to pick toddler climbing toys that more than one child can use simultaneously - this way you can have your child learn to play with other children and develop social skills.

  4. Safe. Pick climbing toys that are made with non-toxic, child safe materials, with no sharp edges or protrusions. Look for a design that will make it unlikely for your child to fall off or get hurt.

  5. Strong. Also make sure that the toy is sturdy and well made so that it can withstand the rough treatment that your toddler will undoubtedly mete out.

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The are also good toddler climbing toys. This is a bigger, more complex climbing toy that may be suitable only for an outdoor space. It has more for your child to explore and presents more possibilities. Several kids can use it at once.

Many of the other implements listed above, such as the slide, swing and other toddler climbing toys are also available in the inflatable versions if you prefer that.